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Supporting the public sector through the COVID-19 pandemic

What are we doing to make a difference?

HP is actively supporting technical requests around 3D printed and additive manufacturing applications, and can help to co-ordinate production through HP 3D installations as well as publishing the 3D printable designs online. Some of the first applications validated and published online were hands-free door opener adapters, PPE mask adjusters and face shield brackets. Many more currently under validation testing prior to release include field ventilator components and FFP3 hospital grade face masks.

Supporting several universities, colleges and councils to provide services to students and residents, our people are also helping to keep many emergency services including the NHS hospitals running. We have staff on-site operating in challenging conditions under safety protocols, supporting their print and IT technology as demand for healthcare grows daily through the pandemic.

Develop and drive your digital transformation

The COVID-19 pandemic and resulting transition to home working has given organisations a better understanding of the potential benefits of working from home, or at incorporating a more flexible workplace strategy. Now is a good time to plan for the future, potentially heading back into offices or adopting a more agile approach that combines both remote and office working.

Our portfolio is not limited to market-leading print and IT hardware, it also includes document outsourcing services, managed print rooms, mail rooms and hybrid mail services both on-premise and off-site at our own production sites. Innovations like digitisation of paper processes and enhanced integration enables automation, minimising costs and reduces paper volumes. Whilst our cloud print and security solutions can safeguard your critical data with built-in resilience.

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